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Check them out!

If you haven't heard them by now, check J'N out (former Jane)!

Here's a little bit about them, taken from their official site at

J´n was formed in autumn 2003 by Matthias, Marc, Thomas, Mike and Markus.
Two years after Jane split up, the former members decided to kill the “a” and “e” and play together in a new band. They started rehearsing and writing new songs. Four of them were recorded in a very nice studio in spring 2004. These 4 songs appeared as a free online demo at in April 2004.
Their music could be described as a mix between different styles of metal, rock and hardcore elements.

In autumn 2004 j´n signed to the austrian hardcore label burning season records and will release a nice MCD in spring 2005. The band is still playing shows, so watch out.

Let me know what you think!

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